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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cauliflower rice (and Whole Foods shopping)

I left work early to go to the endocrinologist. My labs results are fine so they are leaving me at 137 Synthroid. He asked if I saw the eye specialist since our last visit. Apparently he had recommended I do that. And I completely forgot. No recollection at all. I texted myself so I'll do it now. Wow. My brain sucks. I also keep forgetting to call the naturopath about my hormone panel/adrenal tests. Doh.

When I left, I was near a shopping center so I went to Sam's Club to check out the sunglasses in their optical center. I tried on a few and took photos to show my husband Mick (and also to look at since I couldn't really see them on me--I'm kinda blind). I thought most of the ones I was interested in looked really wide on my face. The gal working there immediately pointed out a similar frame that felt a lot better on my face. All of them were much cheaper than I paid for the ones I lost. I wonder if I'm giving up anything...

There was a Sally's nearby so I stopped and got a hair iron that was on sale. I have one but it's very small and I really liked the one I borrowed when we were vacationing so I knew I wanted something bigger.

I'm having trouble finding the brand of chipotles in adobo sauce that doesn't have wheat or soy, so I stopped at Whole Foods. Huh. I didn't realize they were closing that one. It was half stocked. So weird. I picked up a few new items to try but they didn't have the chipotles I was looking for.

Yes, those *are* onion rings.
I got rained on during the drive home but it was dry when I got here. And then a total downpour. And a rainbow! (sorry, no photo) Yay!

For dinner, I made salmon with Arizona rub seasoning so I would have something easy to make while I tried a new recipe. I've been wanting to make cauliflower rice for a while but I know Mick will probably object. I decided to make cilantro lime "rice." I thought it was really good. He thought it was too sweet (I didn't get that at all) and, of course, it wasn't rice. He ate some though. Man, this is hard.

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