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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fries with a friend

I went to lunch at Five Guys with my friend A. She hasn't been before and wanted to try it, and I go there too often when I want something quick or not so healthy.

She wasn't impressed with the burgers, but I wonder if it's because she got it lettuce wrapped like me. They aren't great burgers; they are fast food burgers. I go there for the fries! In an ideal world, I would just get their fries to go with a homemade "milk" shake. Hmmm. Sounds like a plan worth making...

Oh, here's the important part. So we're talking about my diet and our various health issues and it comes up about how hard it is to bake gluten-free without eggs. And she says I should just use the eggs anyway. Huh? I love the woman but WTF. W. T. F. WTF people--do you all think I'm overboard here? Or is it just too hard to imagine that I can go without something, even if it means really going without something, not finding a substitute. Huh. Don't answer that.

~ Have you had your daily dose of smiles today? ~
I do think if I go to Europe again, I would consider trying some things there I wouldn't try here. One, because their food sources and laws are totally different. Two, because it's Europe. And I would want to experience Europe. I don't think I'd go crazy by any means--they have g/f food. But I would consider the flexibility of my personal rules based on the circumstances.
dinner: barbecue beans, sausage, and rice.

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