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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sierra Bonita Grill Part 2

My girl B was off work so we met for lunch. I've only been here the one time but they seemed accommodating.

When I started asking menu questions, our waiter stopped me to let me know they now have a gluten-free menu if I'd like to see it. Apparently, one of the bartenders can't have gluten so they have kicked up their knowledge a notch. The menu was full of choices!

I decided to ask if I order something I haven't had in a restaurant in years now. Enchiladas. On the g/f menu. He said they could leave the cheese off easily. There were 2 chicken enchiladas. I chose the red sauce; it had a nice amount of spice.

Mmmm, half gone...
My friend reacts badly to tomatoes; there are tomatoes in the rice and there is flour and tomatoes in all the beans, so we both had seasonal vegetables. They were so good.

It's not cheap but not too bad for lunch. I would definitely go here again.

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