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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Test. Test. Test.

Yesterday, I had my labwork done for the drug trial research monitoring. Right arm for blood work. Bruise. Meh. I just feel meh.

Today, I had my blood work for the endocrinologist. Left arm. Hurt but no bruise. I still feel meh. And super hungry all of a sudden. So I go to Nourish but they are closed--summer hours. Meh is taking hold of me pretty strong. I have no craving, no real interest in anything but my stomach claims I must eat, and something good.

And I see a place I've heard is good for gluten-free--Havana Cafe. Hmm, worth a try. I decide to start with gazpacho. It's kind of a tiny cup for the price. But it is very good.

Eat yer veggies.
Then I have a chicken dish I already forgot the name of. I don't think he even had to modify anything but I did check all my normal culprits. The chicken and onions were citrusy in a good way and the beans and rice were a good side. Lunch (without the soup, and I didn't get a drink) is pretty reasonable, although not cheap of course.
There's some chicken under there.
For dinner, I had this barbacoa with a rice tortilla and Wholly guacamole. It's an all-shortcut dinner. But not bad. The barbacoa is really soupy. I might need rice for the leftovers.


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