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Friday, July 26, 2013

Red pepper hummus

Oh, Bunco night. I always feel like I should go but it's, hmm, something, inconvenient or whatever. But I have a good time and like the ladies so it's good to invest the time in our community.
When you have lemonade...
I made myself dinner to take--shredded chicken and salsa burrito with enchilada sauce and avocado. And a drink, Tito's vodka and lemonade.

hummus ingredients
And then to share, I decided to make hummus. I based it on this recipe but added some roasted red peppers. I thought it turned out very good. The only thing was that it seemed to get thicker with time. The ladies (and the guys who showed up at the end) really liked it and one younger* lady quizzed me on it, she liked it so much!
*I only point out younger because people ask me if it's all old ladies at bunco. No. There are several ladies younger than me! One of them has told me about her naturopath who "cures" allergies. I'm skeptical but trying to decide if it's worth checking out. At least for the additional testing?

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