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Monday, January 30, 2012

Flemings (Eating out in the Palm Springs area, Part 2)

My boss, my supervisor and another coworker were planning to go to dinner.  We went to PF Changs, but there was a wait.  We checked next door and were seated right away.  I haven't been to a Flemings in years.  I asked for the gluten-free or allergen menu and was provided with a gluten-free menu.  Most of the steaks are made with just salt and pepper, but I wasn't planning to eat beef.  I narrowed my choices to a chicken dinner or a "small plate" of scallops and vegetables.  I decided I wanted to get a salad, so I went with the smaller, less expensive dish.

I was freaking out a little as I ordered because the waiter, while trying to be very accommodating, said that he could tell the kitchen I am gluten-free and they would take care of me.  I felt like I had a very hard time convincing him that I am not JUST gluten-free.  I was able to order in a manner that I hoped would keep me on track.

Others at the table had bread and crab cakes; fortunately, the salads came before the crab cakes so I wasn't drooling.  The person who ordered steak wanted to share with everyone, so I had a very good surf and turf with a glass of red wine.

The meal was good, although very expensive (I did not pay, but I still watch).  I appreciate the gluten-free menu and am glad that I didn't have to send anything back to the kitchen.

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