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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've been having some trouble getting dressed in the morning.  I wanted to dress very professionally today, so I found a black blazer that worked well with a blouse I have.  I tried on a pair of pants--too big, then another--the black didn't match the blazer, then another--too big.  So I put on my skirt--a little too big but not noticeable.  I was wearing peep toe slingback shoes, and I just recently found out that you are NOT supposed to wear pantyhose with those (I usually just wear them with pants) so I went with bare legs.  Someone at work said I was "out of code" but someone else said I couldn't wear hose with them, so....

Sometimes, you meet someone who is brilliant and interesting, and you want to absorb everything they say.  I was able to get invited to dinner with a group after our meeting.  The dinner was a the historic Durant's.  Apparently, this wheat thing is getting incredibly common, as the waiter interrupted me when I started to tell him about my wheat allergy.  He told me that all the sauces, even the au jus, have gluten.  The safe foods were one of the steaks (not for me) or salmon with no sauce, and either mashed potatoes (dairy) or asparagus or vegetable medley.  I got the salmon and veggies, and the salad with no croutons.  Obviously I did not eat any of the bread or brownie dessert, but as everyone was going to share a dessert I decided to have a cappuccino.  I don't know why, I just wanted it, so I did it--I cheated.

I was actually feeling full, almost uncomfortably when I left to go to class.  The weight on the scale hasn't really moved so I don't know why everything seems so baggy, but I was hiking my jeans up during class.  I guess it's time for another round of closet purging.  And some shopping.  *sigh*

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