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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Every Single Day

The provided lunch at my work event was a beef meal; several people had the vegetarian option.  Arrangements were made for me to get a chicken meal with all my restrictions in mind, so I had salad with oil and vinegar, and a boneless grilled chicken breast with white rice and veggies.  The chicken was a little dry, the rice and veggies were cooked fine, but there was NO seasoning.  At all.  I ate it with some salt and pepper.  Instead of the crazy chocolate dessert everyone had, I got a fruit plate with a lot of melon; I ate the pineapple and berries.

On my way out of town, I had to make a stop to get some paperwork.  I changed clothes for my drive home and got a large ice tea from Panda Express.  Yes, I like their tea, even though I can't eat there anymore.  I forgot how huge their drink sizes are!

When I got home, I had a can of Muir Glen tomato basil soup which was good, but chunkier than I expected.  I recently had the tomato bisque (it contains no diary), and I think it was better.

During my trip, I visited with an elderly man whose wife doesn't recognize him and an elderly woman who misses discussing decisions with her (now deceased) husband.  As much work as being married can seem to be at times, I am grateful that I have been blessed to find this love, something I never expected or sought.  Even when he's jumping on my last nerve, I want to love him every single day.

Update: I'm certain the can of bisque I ate had no dairy ingredients, but this is no longer the case or I haven't been able to find it.  I'm certain I can make bisque by adding alternative milk (which one, which one?) to the tomato basil soup and maybe using the immersion blender to make it less chunky.

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