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Monday, January 30, 2012

Eating out in the Palm Springs area (Part 1)

I made it to Palm Springs in about four hours.  I checked in and then headed out for lunch.  I did my homework but it didn't pay off.  I found an area that had a few restaurants at which I was certain I would be able to eat well.  The map said they were about 20 minutes from the hotel, but I was about 15 minutes out and wasn't even halfway there, so I turned around and went to a small Mexican restaurant that I had noticed.  It appeared to have a crowd, usually a good sign.

When I got my menu, I became nervous that I was going to have to go elsewhere.  I asked about the chips (they looked awesome, kind of puffy) but they were contaminated, so he took them back and left the salsa for me.  I ordered the only thing I could: chicken tacos, rice and beans, no cheese on the tacos or beans.  I was going to order guacamole but he told me they put sour cream in their guacamole.  Who does that?  Grr.  I used the salsa on my tacos and ate as much as I could, the meal was so good.  Or I was so hungry.  Maybe both.

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