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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What appointment?

The more I do, the farther behind I get. That doesn't sound right. Let me try again.

As I check things off my list, I get to add several more items. Huh. That didn't sound better.

When I think I'm almost done with something, it gets rescheduled. Well, now, this just isn't working at all.

Last night, Cassi had discharge coming from her hoo-haa. Like dripping, trailing, snotty looking grossness. Poor baby. I added vet to my list. That would be schedule vet, go to vet. Then Mick said he thought that wasn't necessary. Hmm. Okay. I'll leave it on my later list.

I had a big Paleo breakfast of meatballs, sweet potato, apple, almond butter and pumpkin pie coconut butter. So I wasn't all that hungry for lunch. I had a doctor appointment at 1 so I thought I'd eat after.

I did not have a doctor appointment. Well, I did, but I didn't. When I go to the naturopathic college, I pay, then schedule the next appointment if needed. I write it on the receipt and read it back to confirm. When I get to my office, I put the appointment on both my calendars before putting the receipt in my current medical file. This is my ritual since I am not the best at remembering things.

Apparently, Dr. H only works on Thursdays so they wouldn't have scheduled me for a Tuesday appointment. Let's just note here that my last appointment (less than two months ago) was on a Wednesday.


Yeah, I am rescheduled. I'm guessing they cleared her schedule without checking all the appointments.

So now I'm pissed, I've wasted my time, I'm not really hungry but I know I have to eat since I have class tonight and won't really eat dinner first. I'm near ASU and think there is a Bombay Spice around there. Well, I find it but it's on campus so there is only metered parking. Never freaking mind. But around the corner, I see Thai Basil. I'll try that.

The waitress confirms that the curries are all wheat-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.
red curry with chicken
I like it.


  1. Pumpkin pie coconut butter? Mmmmmm.....I'm drooling.

  2. It's seasonal from Nikki's: Mine is a lot more crumbly than I expected so I'm kind of using it like brown sugar. I'll try to save a little for y'all to try. Andy will want some, I'm sure. :)