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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Delta Machine

Last night was the Depeche Mode concert. I was originally going with my girl A but she had some work travel come up so I found a replacement; my girl J wanted to go. Of course, after I tell her she can have the ticket, I find out our friend D is a HUGE fan. Oh well. My husband also offered to go. If he had to. I'm glad he didn't have to; I think know he would have hated it.
J and I decided to meet at Carrabas for a drink and dinner first. Since it wasn't far, we rode together to the venue. On the way, she expressed concern about how late the concert would go. I had heard that they shut shows down at 11 and she thought that was late. We should have gone back for her car then. But alas...
She was sniffling and hoarse, said it was allergies but she had been sick last week. Hmm. Of course she was miserable the whole time and I felt guilty but I wanted to see the whole show.

The opening act was...not good.
It was a beautiful night and I could look up at the stars when I wasn't looking at the stage. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor concert.
My friend T's photo
Depeche Mode was great. I didn't really know a few of the early songs but then I knew them all. At about 10:45, they had done a couple encores and J thought they were done. We knew they weren't since the lights hasn't come on but I finally gave in and left. As we did, they started a slow song.  I'm certain they played one more awesome song after that. I'm a little sad I missed it. But I had a good time.

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