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Friday, October 18, 2013

This week is stalking me into next week.

I thought I could break up with This Week and be done with it.

But then I got a call confirming my doctor appointment on Tuesday. With the doctor I wasn't able to see this past Tuesday because she isn't there on Tuesdays.

W. T. F. Are you kidding me? I must be mishearing this message.

I called back to find out if I misunderstood since my appointment is scheduled on Thursday and I was told that whoever told me that was wrong. I'm pretty sure I was talking to the same person but who knows.

Anyway. I now how an appointment in Tempe on Tuesday followed by an appointment for a blood draw in Scottsdale. Then I have another doctor appointment on Thursday in Tempe. AND I'm supposed to schedule an appointment with my primary doctor. How am I supposed to get any work done?

So I stayed later at the office than I wanted or meant to but we have had some technical problems with our time tracking system and I knew that I would probably lose all my entries thus far if I didn't actually finish and release my time. But since I already lost a bunch of entries (that I shouldn't have lost but it's being all wonky), I had to recreate what I have done for three weeks. I'm so frustrated with this ridiculousness.

(To be fair, there are some women in government too. But we all know the men did this.)

I went to the neighborhood Bunco, just taking some leftovers for my dinner since I was running so late. And Mick made me a large tasty beverage. When I got there, everyone was still eating and chatting and hadn't started playing so I felt better about being so late.

Then the host, who eats somewhat restricted due to her husband's food sensitivities told me she had made a gluten-free carrot cake and would go through the ingredients with me. I know she doesn't do dairy so I thought we might be okay but I was doubtful. The frosting checked out! And then there were four eggs in the cake. Oh well.

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