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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Caffe Boa revisited and other Saturday things

I had a rough week, y'all. So I'm looking for the good spots. Here we are. Wildflowers on the corner.
So pretty.
Mick and his helpers had worked in the yard during the morning while I was attacking my indoor to-do list. We went to Five Guys for lunch on our way to run errands. They put Mick's Cajun seasoned fries (who knows what is in that seasoning) with my awesome lettuce wrapped burger. Sigh. I love that the helpers ordered the regular fry instead of the little one and then commented about how much they got. I guess we haven't been there enough times yet.
We went to Arizona Iron for some outdoor furniture. It's a huge expense but it's made to last and actually is cheaper than anything (good) we have priced since we need a giant table. We ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time there because only one guy was working and the store was busy so he was helping multiple groups at the same time.
The good part is that he felt bad and kept shaving off numbers for us. The bad part was that it took a long ass time and I was exhausted by the time we left.
I was concerned about the time because we were meeting friends for dinner. But Mick seemed totally unconcerned. It made me a little aggravated like he cares when it's his friends but not mine.
So we went to the nursery to get plants and order a replacement tree. I was trying so hard to make everyone hurry up but I'm the only one that was stressing out.
We finally made it home and got ready and left. We left around when we were supposed to be arriving at dinner. It makes me feel like a terrible friend. Plus it is extremely stressful.
We met at Caffe Boa. I've been there a few times and really liked it. I had suggested several places and R chose this one.
They had drinks already since we were super late. In fact, we managed to arrive on Mill as the ASU crowd arrived. What a mess. I'm too old for that parking nightmare. Anyway.
We got drinks. They had Dripping Springs potato vodka from Austin instead of Tito's. Interesting.
Mick and the friends decided to get a cheese and meat plate. I asked if they still had the mussels and fries, could I get the mussels without butter, are the fries still the only thing they fry, are they gluten-free, just potatoes...Yep, I asked all the questions. And had the yummy mussels and fries.
They no longer have the awesomesauce puttanesca. That made me sad but they had pasta with rabbit that sounded quite good and she said they could make it for me, just leaving the cheese off.
Our meals came out and I had some quick thoughts that I didn't listen to, mainly, I thought I got pasta, not rice. But I started to eat it.
Dinner 1
Well, first I pulled the meat off the bones, so that did save me some bites. I had a couple of bites and then someone showed up with another plate. Apparently the first plate should have gone to the next table; it was Osso Buco. It had butter. I'm going to have diarrhea. Because I wasn't paying attention.
My actual dish was very good (it could have used some vegetables) but I probably didn't enjoy it as much as I would have, now that I am second guessing myself and pissed off at myself and pissed off at them but mostly pissed off at myself.
Dinner 2
The manager came out to make sure I wasn't going to die. He said they would offer me a free dessert but they don't have one I can eat. I was surprised when we got the bill that they didn't comp us anything, a drink or something.

I kinda really wish the friends had stuck with our original plan to come over to our house for dinner. Yeah the house was a mess. And it's work for us to cook. But at least I know what the hell I'm eating. I'm pretty sure that was just their cover; they didn't want to drive that far, but still. I'm really trying not to be that person, the one that doesn't go out because of food issues, but this is so discouraging.

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