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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I am a frog in a pot.

I went for my follow up appointment with the eye specialist. Since it was away from my office, I went to lunch at Nourish (gluten-free, soy-free). I noticed they had an "Asian shredded chicken" as one of the choices now so I got my "usual" teriyaki rice bowl but had that instead of the grilled chicken. Um, yum.
I eat it all.
I was going to get dessert (since I can!) but realized I was running short on time so I headed to the doctor's office instead.

And then. I waited an hour in the waiting room and then had a pretty slow visit too so I was there over two hours. Grr.
Since the last visit, I've been happy to not have eye pain. I can look to the side without mentally wincing. I didn't even realize that it hurt so much and so constantly until it didn't hurt! I'm like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, not realizing is getting warmer and I'm boiling to death.
I took my "bandage" out of my eye and he said that the "skinned knee" looking injury had healed very nicely. Although he compared it to the stuff that accumulates on ice when people are skating. Either way it healed nicely. Yay for that, right?
I don't have to use the medicated drops unless I start having issues again like redness in that eye. I do still have to use the eye gel and tape my eyes at night. And he gave me some eye gel drops to use during the day.
As we were talking I tried to ask good questions. I may even remember some of it!
I asked about the surgery the other doctor had told me about. He confirmed what I was guessing from my limited research. The other doctor is talking about a surgery for protruding eyes. While common with Graves disease, I actually don't have the protruding eyes. My kids are pulled back. There is a different surgery to correct that. He expects that I will need it but he only wants to do it once so he is waiting for my Graves disease to "run its course" and stabilize. It is just surgery on the eyelid, nothing to do with the bones.
I was a little annoyed that this condition is commonly seen in Graves disease but I wasn't warned. Or even told that he was watching for it once he started the process of elimination. I guess they can't warn about everything that is associated with what I'm diagnosed with but it seems like I get everything that is commonly associated with what I've already got. It's annoying. Scary. Anger inducing.
I try not to say why me but it sure is hard to avoid that attitude when things keep going the wrong way, one thing on top of the next. It sometimes feels like, when it comes to my health, if it can go wrong, it will.

I needed new tires and the Toyota dealership is reminding me. We have a good relationship with Discount Tire so I decided to go there. The price wasn't better but they do warranty and I was exhausted, unsure I would get into the dealership before our trip, etc. So I proceeded. But they only had 3 of the 4 I needed; they had to bring one from another store. I asked about Wi-Fi and he told me to go over to McDonald's and they would call me.

I was at McD for about an hour and decided to go back to wait. It was really busy so I sat and continued to wait. And then it cleared out. And I was still waiting. Reading, but waiting. So I asked when my car would be ready and it apparently had been done for a while. They called and left a message on my home phone and claimed that they called my cell but it didn't show up at all, not as missed or message or anything. Argh! I just wasted at least an hour of time while I'm all stressed out about the zillion things I need to get done. And it's my fault for not checking when I came back.

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