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Thursday, October 3, 2013


So on my way home after the appointment with the eye specialist yesterday, I was supposed to go to Walgreens to get my medicated drops.
But I totally forgot. Not only did I forget--I went to JCPenney to exchange something and buy bras in a bigger size (I've been wearing the wrong size since I gained this 20 pounds) and I forgot about the exchange. Alright then.
So today I had my appointment with Dr. Q for my adjustments. It was a weird appointment. The "work" was the usual but... First, I waited about half an hour and they took his NEXT appointment so I had to ask if I got skipped and I had so they had to kind of push me back into the line-up.
Then he and his students talked about some shit going on with the school's administration and I learned way too much about how the doctors and students are used and abused. For example, if the students arrange (as is encouraged) to have hours at the doctor's office, the doctor doesn't get anything at all--money, acknowledgement, whatever.
Apparently, a few doctors were fired very publicly and it seems in quite bad taste but also could be damaging to their reputations although it sounds as though it was more over disagreements than something that should damage them. Anyway...
When I left, I went to Walgreens near my office so I wouldn't drive all the way home without getting my medicated eye drops again. I went to Pita Jungle for lunch while I waited. When I returned, someone was getting a flu vaccine and was asked about being allergic to eggs. Ah yes, I can always use that as my reason for not getting the vaccine. Thank the Lord I never got one. I can't imagine how sick it would have made me.
Well, the Walgreens did not have the drops! They called another Walgreens for me to go pick them up at. In the opposite direction of where I was headed. Nice. But I got them and got home. That was almost a waste of a work at home day. (Since I was in the office neighborhood, it didn't save any drive time; I did still manage to put some hours in...)

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