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Friday, November 27, 2009


I stopped buying Cool Whip because it contains high fructose corn syrup. The Rediwhip in a can does not but it's not the same. Earlier this week, I was at Albertson's and they had another brand, so I checked it out and no HFCS. Score! But how will it taste?

I also picked up a Sunshine Lemon Cake mix (I think at F&E) about a month ago because my grandma likes lemony desserts. So I made the cake after I finished making cookies (for grandpa!) Thanksgiving morning but I didn't have time for it to cool quite enough for frosting, so I didn't make the frosting, I just used powdered sugar.

We went to my grandparents and left a little cookies and cake for them to enjoy later. While we were there, I stuffed myself with dessert--little pieces of chocolate pie and pumpkin pie with RediWhip, lemon meringue pie, cheesecake brownie, cherry cheesecake--yum. Then we went over to Joe's and the kids had cookies and cake. After watching them touch the cookies, I left the rest with some cake when we left. :) There was a little cake that had stayed covered with plastic wrap the whole time, so I took that piece home.

Tonight, I decided to have part of my lemon cake, and I remembered I had the Truwhip, so I had some. OMG, way better than Cool Whip. I was really surprised. It was more like the texture of whipped cream when I make it myself. I'm shocked that HFCS made that much of a difference. Maybe there were some other ingredients that were different too, but wow, I hope this product stays on the market. Yum!

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