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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fitness and the environment

I was at the gym and I noticed that, at the top of the trash, there were a couple of magazines and some water bottles. And then I read this article about bettering your body and the world, which discussed ways that fitness endeavors are becoming more environmentally conscious. Prominent recycling bins would be a great first step. I liked this quote: try to "run hard, tread lightly," a motto on one of the 100-percent-recycled polyester shirts sold by Atayne. They suggest hanging clothes to dry (workout clothing typically dries very quickly) and using take-back recycling programs for workout clothes. Ask for an opt-out for goody bags, medals, and Tshirts at walks and runs, as well as recycling and trash pick up. "Trash runners" pick up trash on the route during their run.

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