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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Agility Class

Course night! I forgot, so I didn't take them both to Cassi's class like I usually do for course night. Teka did very well, got her lead-out and contacts, was excited and not sniffing, did the tire. Really her only issue was on the weaves.

Cassi did very well but I did remove her from the teeter once and then she did it okay (not great, but fast enough). She had a lot of trouble with the weaves for some reason, so we "opened" the first two and she was fine after that. Oh, coming out of the chute she tried to run into me both times she ran, instead of going straight ahead.

They both got to run twice and got the award for "Most Q-ingest Run." I ended up with a cat toy, a thing to hang keys/clickers around the neck, and a book. Next week is the beginning of 8 more weeks. :)

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