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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cool Green Science?

From a Linkedin Green group, I found Cool Green Science. The article, Why 'Green' Isn't Working: How Do We Reach the Other Half? started with a premise I agree with, but I'm not sure I am in total agreement throughout.

Don't call it green. I agree--the term green is overused, misused, and irrelevant.

Set a good example. I carry my reusable bags and my own water bottle. Maybe that influences a few people, but I don't see people doing what I do, for the most part. (See #4)

Don't be a schmuck. I tend to be judgmental but have tried to be very conscious of my attitude in this regard, because I am just making small changes as I figure it out. Since I don't know what or how, I don't expect everyone else to get there overnight either.

Help make things easier. While I agree that "To really get everyone on the right track, the 'green option' has to be the easiest option, or very close to it." I am already the main recycler at my office and my home, constantly having to educate people on what to put in (or not), and try to hold my attitude when people bring in boxes and bags full of stuff FROM HOME for me to take in my car to my home to my bin. This city does not make it easy to drop off sorted or unsorted recycling (although I found a newspaper/magazine bin near the office to reduce the amount going home with me). I don't know how much more I can do to make it easier--I'm still waiting for someone to make it easier for me to make it easier!!!

Celebrate the free stuff. Okay, walk more, drive less? This is Phoenix. Replacing bulbs with CFLs? No, not putting mercury all over my house, but thanks. Eating more vegetarian meals? I think the theory behind this is a bunch of hooey. Animals are not new to the planet. Shopping and eating in season? Yes, to an extent. They forgot that you can get lots of frozen produce out of season. Buying used locally online (think freecycle or Craig's list)? I try but haven't found it convenient, easy, or worthwhile yet.

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