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Monday, November 2, 2009


At my office, I am the recycler, although I now have someone else that takes soda cans. A lot of boxes get thrown out for some reason, rather than recycled, so when I found out we might be moving, I requested that boxes be saved for me. A lot of boxes have come home with me since then!

This weekend, I packed about 20 boxes of stuff. Mike thinks I'm a little crazy since we don't know that/when we are moving yet. However, I'm looking at the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the past eleven+ years in this house and thinking about how much work it will be for me. So the CDs and paperback books are packed, most of the cookbooks, as well as about 75% of the front room collection that isn't staying when our house is listed. Our realtor suggested we keep the seven foot bookshelves but thin out the stuff so that's what I worked on. One more day, and the front room may be as ready as I can get it without help.

I am tired and I didn't sleep well all weekend. I don't know what's up with that! I managed to NOT gain weight even with all the Halloween candy, probably due to the exertion of packing boxes and cleaning house.

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