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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House update

I got an email stating that the lender has received the short sale package, ordered the BPO, and was assigned to a negotiator as of 11/20. The email also stated that it takes 60 days to complete a short sale, so while they stated follow up will happen 12/09, I would guess that, at best, we're looking at 1/20 before we start on the 30 day mortgage close on our end. Sounds like things are moving forward!

So, that means Christmas party in current house (probably 12/26 for those who want to know, but we may not unpack our Christmas stuff since I'm already trying to pack up other stuff, and did I mention the theme of the Christmas party will be "don't bring alcohol so we can drink what's here instead of moving it"). Then first phase move (including cats and dogs and all related stuff as well as anything not needed for staging) maybe end of February (perhaps a little Mardi Gras party for our helpers?). Then second stage move when our current house sells, with a housewarming party shortly thereafter. I've got to start updating my wishlist. :) Then multiple yard warming parties as it gets done it phases--it is over an acre, so it's unlikely to be done all at once but it would be great to have a pool in before the summer.

I'm trying to NOT be SUPER excited but my Realtor said the email was a good sign.

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