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Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend, R took us to the charity event for the East Valley Boys and Girls Club at the Gila River Wild Horse Pass Resort. We all got something in either the silent auction or live auction. I'm excited to use the passes we won.

One of the speakers was a young lady named Precious. She got (and deserved) a standing ovation. I know it's not all about me (well, on my blog it is!), but she made a comment about her mom doing what was best for her kids, like all mothers do. I remember feeling really ticked off about that comment, not at her, but at my mom. I can think of MANY times that she chose to do what was NOT in her kids' best interests. (My surrogate "moms"--I lived with her mom and grandma--weren't any better.) I try to be forgiving and she's obviously made her peace with God, but I still find it amazing that people take it for granted that parents do what is best for their kids. I don't generally have regrets--I think things happen for a reason, even if I can't see it immediately--but I do wonder how different my life would be if my mom (and SOME other family members) had made different choices. I've lived my life overcoming the obstacles my family put in my way. I know that I can't change what others do, only my reactions, but really, what would it be like to have a family that helped overcome obstacles? Did I really have to go through all those things to be the person I am today? Couldn't I have skipped some of it?!

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