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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Sacramento and beyond

I made it to Sacramento. My flight was delayed, and they told me that I could make an earlier flight but my luggage wouldn't make it, so I stayed so "we" would be on the same flight. When Chrisite and I had waited for all the luggage to come out from my flight, an announcement was made that some luggage had come on an earlier flight and was waiting at the office, about 10 feet away. So my luggage made it on the flight I didn't take because they said my luggage wouldn't make it!

Anyway, it's raining on and off here, cool and beautiful. We picked Reuben up from school, saw L and C (and their 2 Dobes) and then went to dinner. Jefe is staying at his dad's during my visit, with Junior and Bo. Christie has 3 dogs now, Slippers, Baby, and Roscoe. Jefe's fish are very friendly and like to be petted! I'm not sure how many cats are here but they are friendly like Kachina.

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