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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween wildlife

We had a pretty steady stream of trick-or-treaters from 6-8 tonight. When it slowed down, I joined Mike across the street to talk with the neighbors and wish Joe a happy birthday. He seems excited to work with us on our landscape design at the new house if/when we get it. It's always nice to catch up with Joe and Jan. They told us that it wasn't teenagers that destroyed pumpkins on our street--it was javelina. They saw 7 javelina around 12:30 at night earlier in the week on our street. The javelina know how to tip over trash cans, so it's good that we put ours out in the morning rather than leaving it overnight.

I also met the new neighbors. Their little girl loves dogs, so Teka and Cassi kept an eye on her running around outside while I was packing some boxes.

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