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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Agility Class

Teka's class had 3 parts, including a mini course. She was pretty excited about her sock toy tonight, so I used it for the weave exercise and she did them very quickly, so I know she CAN. We also practiced turns, starting with two jumps that are touching like an L, and then moving to a 5 jump exercise, with two pairs parallel and one at the end, doing almost a figure 8, with the turn on the end. The mini course had the big jumps (triple, broad, double) and the tire, which she did with no problem.

Cassi's class did a weave race, which she did well at but the dog she raced beat her (barely). She did all of her weaves quickly, without missing entries, so this past weekend was even more frustrating! We also had the mini course and she did well. She would do better with another handler! They change the order so I got lost. :) We also were able to work on the teeter during our distance exercise and she started doing it quickly when she didn't get her cream cheese for doing it slowly. The distance exercise was four jumps in a circle, with obstacles between the jumps, so the circle was weaves, jump, tunnel, jump, teeter, jump, weaves, jump, but all facing out. Standing in the center of the circle, I can send her to any of the obstacles and call her back over a jump. I need to try this with Teka!

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