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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Agility Class

Last night, I went to Anabel's for some special pre-trial training. We did some work on the teeter for Cassi (but Teka got to do it too). We named slow and fast, starting with fast and slow "with me" and then doing fast sits and downs. She had a game where she walked backwards, humming, and the dogs follow, and whoever does the faster sit or down when she commands, gets the treat. EASY and cool! Then we named fast and slow on the low teeter and moved on to fast on the regular teeter. She advised me that when Cassi does the slow teeter, just pick her up, tell her that was slow, and then re-start the teeter. She didn't end up doing the slow teeter there but she did in class later and I was able to do that and it totally worked! Anabel also said I should use (tape underneath) weights on our teeter so she gets used to the pivot point being "different" and going anyway.

We also worked on the tire, and I guess I've changed my command several times (based on various advice) so I am NOT to use hup (it's not a normal jump and they have to collect differently) and I don't want to use hoop because there is another thing that is a hoop, so we're going with tire. I was originally told not to do tire because it starts like tunnel, table, and teeter, but apparently that's okay because they both started doing it correctly FINALLY.

After that, we went to our class for course night. It started with the tire, then walk it, a double jump, frame (Teka missed it both times and had to come back), flip to a tunnel, out to a pinwheel jump (3 jumps), switch out to a tunnel, back to the jumps for a serpentine (I had to front cross to get to the far side; on the close side they both were confused), then wrap (around the jump instead of coming back over it--Cassi had a lot of trouble with it) , to the tunnel (under the dog walk), back over the jump, to the teeter, pause to cross, then jump and weaves (I have to front cross for Teka so I'm on the right side; Cassi kept pulling out at #10), then jump. I got to run twice with each of them. I ran Cassi at 22 and Teka at 20. Teka did knock a bar before the weaves because she tried to turn too soon. I guess I called too soon--it must have been the only time! I'm always late!

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