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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's Monday, last full day of the conference. Again, great speakers. Went to "dinner" with BK and JR from my firm and then JR and I went back to the reception. We ended up leaving with D (guy from India) and R (gal from FL) and walking to Downtown Disney. Fortunately, we passed by my hotel so I was able to leave my bags. We listened to several musicians (R and I both bought CDs from one) and watched the fireworks. We were going to walk R back to her hotel but we were tired and thirsty, so we went to Cheesecake Factory and split a piece of cheesecake. I love their green ice tea, unsweetened with mint. Yum. We had an interesting conversation about meditation, yoga, health, and religion. We were one Christian, one Deist (not sure I understand that one), one Hindu, and one Muslim. I got back to the hotel very very late and still have to pack....

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