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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Running (almost) barefoot

This past weekend, I noticed that several people ran their turns at agility without any shoes on. I hesitate to go barefoot at an agility trial because there are dogs there (meaning there is pee in the grass). However, if a dog "eliminates" in the ring, they are eliminated and the area is cleaned, so running barefoot in the ring may not be so bad.

In the NY Times, they talk a bit about the book written recently about long distance runners in Mexico compared to marathon runners in the US. Those Mexican runners wear a thin sandal and have no running injuries, while marathon runners have increasing numbers of injuries.

This morning, as I was leaving my neighborhood, I saw a guy running barefoot--totally barefoot on the pavement. It seems odd, but then I thought back to a time when I walked to and from the public pool with two younger girls (my boyfriend's sisters) and they walked it barefoot. I guess it's like conditioning your dogs' pads to walk on pavement. I'm tempted....

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