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Friday, September 20, 2013

The nose has it.

Last night, I had a nose bleed. I don't remember that ever happening before. I was sitting on the couch going through papers and watching TV. I had a weird itch in my nose and, yes, I reached up and stuck my finger there. And came back with blood. Eek!

I needed to take the dogs out so I decided to "stuff" some petroleum jelly in there so I wasn't dripping. After we came back in, I talked to Mick and he thought I scratched it rather than have a bleed. Huh. Am I that absentminded that I didn't even realize where my hands were?

This morning, I needed to fill out my monitoring survey. It is supposed to be in between monitoring visits but the timeline is off. Anyway, one of the questions is about new or unusual nosebleeds. Um, I'm going with Mick on this and saying I scratched it rather than had a nosebleed. It's way better to pick my nose absentmindedly than be developing a bleeding disorder.

Now, before you get all concerned, if it happens again, I will definitely report it. I PROMISE. Don't judge me! 

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