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Sunday, September 8, 2013


We went to Kentucky to see a wedding on a fourth generation farm! Arrangements were made mostly without my involvement--I'm so busy, I'm definitely not complaining!

We flew into Indianapolis. Everyone had eaten in Phoenix but I just snacked as there was nothing I could have but orange juice. So I was hungry (but not hangry, just hopeful) when we got there. I saw a Qdoba which I've heard is a gluten-free option and maybe safer than Chipotle on the soy issue. But when I asked the guy if I could eat there, no wheat, he said they only had flour tortillas. Huh. That sucks. So I had a Larabar and some grapes.

We were picked up by his cousin L. She dropped his parents off with her parents and we stayed with her and her husband that night.

They were great about feeding me. We had grilled pork chops (season salt, pepper, garlic) with microwave baked potatoes and salad. The tomatoes are from their garden. I used lemon and olive oil for dressing and salsa for my potato. I had some Hornitos tequila with lime juice and salt. I thought it was all pretty good.
Mmm, dinner.

No, not a chicken dinner!
Egg chickens
In the morning, I had leftover pork and potatoes for breakfast. L's husband M had gone out and got me some vanilla coconut milk. Apparently they drink it sometimes but were out. So nice! I filled a water bottle with some to take when we left for our trip. Then we were off to Kentucky.

Continued; see Kentucky.

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