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Friday, September 27, 2013

Nacho Business

I had brisket packed up with some mashed potatoes and barbecue sauce to bring for lunch today. When I opened my dish, I was really disappointed to see that I (am ridiculously oblivious) brought the dish that only had leftover brisket I was going to eat over the weekend. I had some of it for lunch anyway but I couldn't eat all that.

And then I was even more disappointed. I was working so hard all day that my brisket got thrown out when the receptionist cleaned out the refrigerator. Is it okay to cry over brisket?

Did you know that people sometimes get in other people's business?

I know right? It came as a complete shock to me, too! :)

As hard as I try to avoid the drama, I witnessed a WTF moment today. I came out of a meeting in someone else's office and walked past the printer on the way to my office. Someone was standing there at the printer. I originally thought she was going through the pages to get whatever she printed (presumably everything possible, one-sided of course) but I noticed she was just standing there looking at the page on top of the stack in her hand. I thought it was weird but whatever. Then I caught the header. It was an email addressed to someone else. From another person. WOW. How is that your business, your right, your anything?

Even worse, I was so dumbfounded that I didn't say anything. And I really should have. Maybe it's not my place, but if not mine, whose?

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