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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Denver Travel Notes

A friend who used to work with my husband here moved to the Denver area a few years ago. We've remained friends and she invited us to her wedding.

Our flight was delayed a couple of hours due to weather. The Denver/Boulder area got a couple years worth of rain in a week. Not. Good.

We went with another couple. I'm here to tell ya, Frontier Airlines sucks. But we have Southwest Airlines bias. Love them! Way less herding and way better service on SW.

Not that it matters to me, but Frontier serves no snacks. I brought my own of course. And no drinks. NONE. I'm glad I bought a bottle of water. Geez. And they don't have the magazine with the Soduku. I should have brought a paper version but I had no idea.
Whole Foods find--I like it.
We checked in at our hotel (where a lot of anime convention attendees were staying) then stopped by the rehearsal dinner. I had contacted Chipotle about their catering menu earlier in the week and got some interesting information. They are in the process of switching all their soybean oil to rice bran oil. Presumably because they are trying to go non-GMO. So a couple of their meats are safe for me to eat now! Those were not the meats at the rehearsal. I didn't eat anything there but had been promised the four of us would go to dinner after we left.

I had also contacted the caterer for the wedding and found that I would not be able to eat there but they would allow me to bring my own food. They could reheat it if it could go in the oven; there would be no microwave. This created a little anxiety for me but I figured we would come up with something.

Although my little group had all filled up on what remained from the Chipotle buffet, we went to Il Fornaio, an Italian restaurant near our hotel. When we walked in, I felt a little bad because it was very, very nice, like waiters in white suits nice, and I know that no one was planning to spend a lot for dinner.

We all had drinks and our friends had soup. Mick wanted a little something to eat but wasn't really hungry, thought he'd just have some of mine. That was fine with me but I explained more than once that I was getting two meals so I could take the leftovers to the wedding. He thought it was too much food. He finally got that we weren't splitting two meals, that we were splitting a meal and I was taking one with me, just that really we were eating half of each meal so I could take the rest to go.

I got a chicken and vegetable dinner and a dairy-free Bolognese with gluten-free pasta. The Bolognese was fan-freaking-tastic. I would eat that all the time, breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I could. Yum. I don't even care about the pasta; just give me the sauce.

When we were done eating, the waitress brought me a container--the kind that can go in the oven. Yay!
We went to a brewery for some drinks for the guys.

The next day, we went to the breakfast area provided by the hotel. I really could only have juice, but there was hot water for my oatmeal. They had coffee but I didn't have "milk" yet. So when we were ready to go, our first stop was Sprouts, where I got two individual cartons of almond milk.

Before getting to Starbucks for coffee, we went into the wine and liquor store so I could get a beverage for the wedding.
Travel size Tito's!
I got a vanilla latte at Starbucks and we hit the road to the Breckenridge Brewery.
While we were waiting for the brewery tour, we had lunch. It was a little complicated for my order but I was able to get brisket and pulled pork with no sauce, and a side of apples and cucumber salad. The brisket and the cucumbers were the standouts. The only quibble I had was that there was a roll on the plate--in that empty spot on the left. At least it wasn't sitting on top of my meat.
You can never eat too much brisket.

tour guide with a beverage
We went to Copper Canyon Brewery also, which was hilarious because there were signs that the cross-fit people couldn't park there but the place was filled with cross-fitters.

We went back to the hotel to get ready and a downpour started. We were concerned about the outdoor wedding but the rain somehow went right around their location. It was a beautiful location. Small quick wedding. The reception was indoors. I was warned that they had been told not to bring in outside alcohol. The bartender looked at me funny when I order just cranberry juice. Three times. But there was nothing I could have had, and they let me bring in my food, so I don't care.

The next day, we had breakfast and headed to the airport. We had a shorter delay so we had lunch in a place with a TV for game watching. I was able to get some salmon and veggies to hold me over.
  It was a quick trip and went by fast.

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