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Monday, September 16, 2013

A scar, a scarf, and eye surgery

Dr. P, the surgeon who performed my thyroidectomy, checked my scar and neck. He said it just has a little pink but has healed "perfectly." I do NOT have to wear a scarf anymore. He recommended I use Mederma SPF 30 every day on the scar. Also, if I will be in the sun longer, such as gardening, swimming, or hiking, I should still cover the scar with a scarf or something.
He also asked about my eyes and I explained what the other doctor has said about the lids being pulled back and that I have to tape my eyes shut when I sleep. Boo. He said that when my Grave's disease has "run it's course" I may need or want to have surgery on my eyes. He said the other doctor may not bring it up or not until later, but I should look at endoscopic orbital decompression. Basically, two bones meet up under the eye and along the nose. They can grind some off and then after the surgery, the eye "falls back" into the deeper area. There is some risk that the eye doesn't move as expected, but he feels it would give me some relief from the pain and discomfort.

It sounds totally crazy to me. I will look into it and decide how risky it is and how likely it is to hurt or help me. Later. It totally freaks me out that someone would be doing surgery near my eyes.

And I don't have to see him again unless I want to discuss or proceed with the surgery.

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