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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Garden update

Mick and his helpers have been working hard at cleaning out the nut grass and weeds, prepping the soil, and planting the "farm" last weekend and the garden yesterday.
pumpkin planted in July
mostly tomatoes and peppers
eggshells gathered from work were used
Palo Verde casting those shadows.
Damn nutgrass...
Jacaranda almost didn't make the winter.
Walnut (farm behind--rows planted.)
fire pit for yard waste, made from broken curbing
Citrus trees--lemon, lime, dwarf orange
Wall progress in background
Apple--probably not going to make it.
Second garden box
Existing bell peppers and Thai basil
Existing bell peppers and Thai basil
Second box from other end
Existing leeks, carrots, random basil from mixed seed, eggplant in back
Original garden box
New pineapple mint in front
Existing mixed peppers and basil in middle section
Original box from other end
Fern and new lemon verbena in pots
New chili peppers in box with some random plant coming up
strawberry patch replanted with kale and lettuce
existing tomatoes in front
one lonely strawberry plant made it through no water
tomatoes (I think Cassi is eating them already)
"strawberry" patch getting water
herbs behind the patch
wall progress behind the herbs/patch
I turned to the right a little
built-in fire pit and seating
outdoor kitchen behind
on the patio looking out
garden boxes are on left, other side of wall
Teka peaking around wall
incomplete stairs
Cassi and Teka at top of stairs on patio

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