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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hot and cold

I feel like I am way beyond behind, so of course, my motivation slips. Or maybe it's my concentration; I'm more easily distracted.

I went to the Farmers Market at lunch. I got some treats from Naked. I thought my coworker had brought me a bar of chocolate from Naked but they don't sell that. The lady was very nice but...she was overly encouraging without understanding my whole situation. I'm sure I was just hot (it was too hot for chatting) but I wasn't really in the mood for someone to tell me I "just need to realize that my treats will be different from before." Sigh. Bullshit. I want to eat good yummy creamy desserts like everyone else. I don't have to settle. Do I?
Naked macaroons
I also got some produce, some desert honey, and then stopped for some meat. I had to limit my purchase since it is a cash only business. (Most of the vendors are using Square.) don't tell my husband but I bought beef heart for chili.

I was so hot after my trip but fortunately my office is freezing.

I left early to meet my friend M for "dinner" at True Food. She is moving out of state so I'm trying to be accommodating, but it was really early. I had the daily soup, a Thai curry something. I added a side of g/f noodles to tame the heat a bit.

I ran to World Market for the one day special on Torani syrup. I stood there looking at their website on my phone as I looked for the not-sugar-free ones that I could have. I also found a tin of salmon with dill that looked good. Hmm, shopping when I'm hungry, I guess. There was also a Spanish chorizo (not like chorizo and eggs) and I was really tempted to get it. It was labeled gluten-free but it had lactic acid or something like that and wasn't labeled dairy-free. Oh so confusing. Dammit. It would be so awesome in some paella.

And then I went home to make a taco dinner.

And now I'm going to bed...well, soon.

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