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Monday, September 30, 2013

Manic Monday

Make the lists. So many things. So many distractions.
Old on left, new on right.
I moved some things directly to next weeks list.
Is that bad?
Do work.

Run errands. Library return. Club bank deposit. My bank deposit. Gazpacho, no goat cheese, at Delux--added chicken for protein. Paper recycle drop-off.

Do work.

Go to happy hour for co-workers. I'm not too sure about this whole Tortilla Factory business but they bring me my own salsa with corn tortillas (the only ones they don't handmake in house) and suggest tacos. I look over the gluten-free menu and notice mole ribs in a sampler appetizer but no other mole on the menu. She tells me they don't even have the ribs anymore--not enough demand. Boo. I'm sure I couldn't have had it anyway. :)

Then I ask about the pork with potatoes--sounds pretty clean. She confirms and brings me a plate. I'm already kind of full on corn tortillas and a margarita split with someone else. But this is really, really good. The onions--I can't tell what they did, almost like they are pickled but I don't think that's it. I hope it doesn't make me sick. I'm having it for lunch and dinner tomorrow at the office with my leftover Fajitas veggies.
Pork chili verde, corn tortilla
One of my coworkers is starting an Arbonne business. I have a supplier if I can ever start wearing makeup on a regular basis again. I suggested they could make some of their nutrition products without Stevia--the only reason I won't use theirs. I'd love to have the pea protein packets for travel but damn Stevia.


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