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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Oh, the smell. What is that? I went to investigate. I found an open container of fish emulsion on the patio. And by open, I do not mean that someone left the lid off. Someone left the super smelly stuff on the patio, and Cassi chewed the lid off, knocked it over, and licked it off the ground. (It oozed out slowly it seems--it's pretty thick and looks like super thick oil or something.) While Cassi was being yelled out (by Mick, because I yelled at him and told him I wouldn't clean it up), Teka went to "time out" in the little storage ("beer fridge") room. In the dark.

Teka looking pitiful
 I'm not sure how long she was there since she. put. herself. in. time. out. Maybe a half hour.
So remorseful and sad

frozen carrot juice--too big/hard for Nutribullet

Not as good as it looks. LOL.

I made nut butter

Apple slices and nut butter--yum

Meat sauce--too runny (better-ish later)

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