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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three months gone, nine to go

I went to lunch with my friend S. His wife (also S) is one of my shopping buddies and recently found out that she has some food allergies so he was more interested than usual in how I order and know what I can eat. We went to Pita Jungle which has an online allergen menu but they don't have it at the restaurants, so I have my safe list in my Google Doc I can access on my phone. He seemed quite surprised when I said that I put the document together myself (where the hell would I find something with my combination of restrictions!)

Dr. P calls the surgical incision repair "remodeling" and says it takes about 12 months. I'm 3 months in and he says the scar looks exactly as he expected. There's a little redness that will go away.

I asked about the bumpy area on the ends and he says that's the end of the suture which I can massage for 10 to 20 seconds up to 5 or 10 times a day to help them dissolve--but don't be neurotic about it!

He says the 137 level of Synthroid is average, that I might have to go higher and come back down possibly but the higher level is usually not permanent if needed. If the prescription ends up below 100, he says to push the doctor to increase until I feel "normal." How will I know "normal" when I feel it?

He said that I need to keep my incision protected from the sun. If I don't wear a scarf, I need to wear sunscreen. Maybe I'll keep wearing scarves...

Teka is not impressed by my outfit.

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