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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beerfest Tempe

Yesterday, we went to Beer Fest in Tempe with Mick's friend R. I can't drink beer so obviously I was the DD. R and I got temporary tattoes. R and Mick got drunk.
I'm tattooed! (temporary!)

I ate meat on a stick. Not bad.
We left to meet M and H at Canteen for dinner. There was a wait so we sat at the bar. For a long time, like a couple of hours. While R made friends and bought drinks for people and they bought drinks for us. And then instead of seating us, they kicked us out for R being too drunk. It was really ridiculous. Basically, they will let you stay and drink as long as you're spending money but they won't let you eat? WTF. M got into it with security about it. They were saying that only R had to leave; they would seat the rest of us. How does that make any damn sense? Since I was the sober one, I backed him up in his argument with management and security, and once we made our point, we left.

I wasn't drunk. There was really a helicopter on the road.
(on a trailer.)
So we went to Five Guys for dinner. And we ran into my friend J and her fiance M. Her M and our M hit it off--fast friends. They invited us to join them at Fat Tuesday where their friends were waiting, including my friend I met through J (when the friend was diagnosed with MS in her early 20s). The friend is moving to the east coast with her fiance and getting married so we had fun dancing and saying our almost-goodbyes. R kept pulling on my scarf that I wore with a t-shirt to Beerfest. I need to remember I don't have to wear it once the sun goes down! Since M and M hit it off, I'm expecting we may see more of this  fun crowd but they are a bit younger so we'll see...

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