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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shopping extravaganza

My friend S is one of my shopping buddies and wanted to hit the new outlets. She sent me a text that she would bring lunch because she can't eat soy. I found that pretty hilarious. I reminded her that I haven't eaten soy in about a year and a half so if I could eat out, she probably could too.

navy scarf
She somewhat recently had an allergic reaction to seafood and got tested, in the process finding out that she can't have soy and a couple other things in addition to seafood. We ended up going to Yardhouse where the waitress was very accommodating, checking ingredient lists for us.

During our shopping adventure, I was looking for shorts and jeans but couldn't find any that fit correctly. However, I found a lot of dresses on sale and purchased a lot for work from White House Black Market and Banana Republic. I also used my gift card to purchase the large red Lodge Dutch oven at the Kitchen Collection store.

Mick has been wanting to do some burger things he's seen, so we made dinner together (a rarity, but becoming more common). I started the onions to caramelize and made chipotle mayo using my special mayo and 2 chilies in adobo sauce. I used some Daiya cheese on my hamburger. He had "real" cheese and a bun and thought dinner was incredible. It was kinda fun to cook with him.

So yummy
I decided to make cupcakes since he was helping out. I used my silicone cups for the first time. There were 12 and there was a little more batter, so the rest went into my mini muffin pan. Those turned out better but they were all good. The ones in the silicone cups just seemed wet on the bottom half but the top half was perfectly done, so I don't think I'll use the cups anymore. I only frosted the cupcakes we ate. The frosting is very sticky and the cupcakes were soft so it was kind of messy but very yummy. I would like to make these again and maybe add walnuts.


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