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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P B and C

It's beautiful Phoenix weather and I worked at home today. I had the windows open all day long.
Both of my dogs were sick out of both ends yesterday and early today.

These things may be related.

Coincidentally, we just ran out of dog food, a brand we changed to for Cassi last year and Teka more recently. I had asked my husband about feeding the "adult" version instead of the "senior" version since they seem so skinny. After the mass purging of their body contents, I urged him to go back to the previous food.
Now that we've talked about yuckiness...

I had some leftover "panang" curry so I added some mushrooms (he does NOT eat those) and made some quick rice.
And after my mouth was on fire, I broke open the cocoa peanut butter cupcakes from the Gluten free bakery. O. M. G. I thought they were expensive (I can't believe what people regularly spend at places like Sprinkles O_O ) but they are SO. Worth. It.

Heaven on a plate

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