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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not a trainwreck

After a long wait, I saw Dr QM. Well, I saw one of the students I saw in December first, then a "new" student. He is g/f and has been for a number of years so I was amused that I already do all of his recommendations and then he took notes of places I go to eat. His recommendations were mostly because of the severe "Charlie horse ish" cramping I was having in my lower extremities, things like more magnesium and potassium and Vitamin C through food sources. Bananas (can't), avocados (currently eat 3-5 a week), brightly colored fruits and vegetables (duh), but nothing new.

The student couldn't stay so it was just Dr. Q, with no teaching to students component.

As we were talking and he was making adjustments, he described back to me my cycle of stress and digestive distress and pain. He diagnosed me with an emotional gut. Yeah, I can see that.

He recommended that I pick up organic prunes from Trader Joe's and eat 2 in the morning and 2 at night. He was adamant: "respect the prune" because more will create issues. Once (if) everything is working well, I can reduce the amount.

He reminded me to make fun of my eye issue by making verbal references like "Look me in the eye!" It's funny when we talk about it but no one seems to get it when I do it. I'm not that funny so it seems like a waste of my mental energy. He told me I'm NOT a train wreck. What a Pollyanna.

I went to Nourish for lunch and had "popsicles." They were fantastic!
Mmm, chocolate.
I was seeing the eye specialist about my Grave's disease. He felt that I had not had any significant change and wants to see me back in 6 months. He didn't seemed concerned that it would get worse or think I would need to do anything about it. The whole thing was kind of like I'm super worried about something he thinks is barely happening. I look like a fucking freak--how is that not a significant issue?! But maybe he's just trying to downplay it since nothing can be done anyway until it "runs it's course" which takes 2-3 years typically. I'm so frustrated by even having this, having to deal with it, the not knowing, the possibility that the only correction is an "elective or cosmetic" surgery...

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