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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Garden update--crying edition

I almost know what I'm doing in the rose garden. But the veggie garden is a challenge. Things have to come out and it is really hard to get them out. Especially if other things don't have to come out yet. And I have weak hands. The asparagus fern and the giant cauliflower that didn't give me any cauliflower were the ones that got me frustrated and weepy. But Mick helps me when it is too much.


Rio Sambo

Rio Sambo and Tropicana


Citrus (lime on left, lemon cut back since frost in front, dwarf orange on right)


"The Farm"

Corn and squash





Onion. WTH is that?
Brussels Sprouts gone wild
Brussels Sprouts (under the wild thing)


lettuce and mustard greens coming in

radishes and cilantro and spinach coming in

onions (next to the Brussels Sprouts)
Swiss Chard (yep, it is giant)
Swiss Chard shading beets
work in progress--pulling stuff out. Empty spot was cauliflower and this...
Not asparagus. Asparagus fern. Not for veggie garden.

His succulent that he thinks he is killing.

My herbs

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