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Thursday, August 2, 2012


It took longer than usual to get in to see Dr. M, my naturopathic "chiropractor" for my adjustment. I was feeling okay, no real complaints, just my near-constant popping in my right shoulder. The student, who I've seen once before, seemed surprised when I answered that I don't eat any of the things on my allergy list. She has a dairy issue but says she sometimes cheats. And pays for it. And that would be why I don't cheat--paying for it sucks.

Dr. M did more adjustments around my knees than usual. He asked if my knee was hurting. Actually, it was hurting a couple times very recently; I felt like I was favoring it and was worried about what that would do to the rest of my "structure." He also asked if I had been, I don't recall exactly, but this is the second time he has implied that I'm laying or sitting on the couch in a bad position and that I shouldn't sleep on the couch. He spent some time on the shoulders and neck area, of course, among other things.

I told him that I started taking the magnesium he suggested (I'm taking it twice a day along with a cranberry pill*) and that the twitching in my eyes actually went away the first day. It has come back, but not as severe as it was. He commented to the student that a lot of people, to his surprise, are shocked when something he suggests works. He clarified that he wasn't talking about me. (Hmm, are you sure? I'm surprised that doctors, etc. think that I won't take their advice or do whatever I need to do to feel better and be healthy.)

He mentioned to the student that the magnesium helps with spasms and tremors. Well, now that you mention it. I'm trying to think back. I've been having almost daily "numbness" in my left calf area; it goes away and comes back, not lasting long enough to be an MS relapse. I have less frequent "numbness" in my midsection (stomach area, usually on the left but not always) and in my fingers. I don't think I've had any of this numbness since I started the magnesium last week.

We talked about upcoming plans and he offered this tidbit for someone who may make a "funny" but mean comment to me in front of a group of people. Ask: when I am dead, is that is what you want to remember saying to me. WOW. Harsh. But maybe effective for some passive aggressiveness. He warned that it should be saved for a really terrible comment.

For the situations when I don't want to pull that one out, he suggested that I picture the person in old time bloomer underwear. For the guy, have them pulled up to the ribs over the protruding belly. I don't know if this will work when I'm pissed off, but I know what he means. If I can laugh in their face when they are being asses, maybe they'll shut the hell up.

*I stopped taking a lot of supplements but not all. I currently take flax/borage oil, magnesium, cranberry, Culturelle, and Provigil in the morning and flax/borage oil, magnesium, cranberry, Culturelle, and a multivitamin at night.

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