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Friday, August 24, 2012

Overdressed and undertattoed

My grandma has nine children. One of my uncles died last week while in hospice. He was the first of her children to predecease her. I haven't seen my uncle's kids since I was in high school. I remember seeing them at the dairy he worked and at my dad's house.
Yes, that's me holding my cousin, surrounded by cousins, circa 1988.
Three of his four kids are in this photo, along with some other cousins, at my dad's house. After years of hating how I look, I had finally "found" myself. My twin cousin on the left is my opposite.

Anyway. At the memorial, I wore a black sleeveless dress. It is fitted, and I think it shrank a little after I got it but it fits and I got compliments at work. My grandpa made a comment that I immediately forgot but made me feel overdressed. The two young girls in the photo above were also wearing black skirts. Everyone else was completely casual. Jeans, cotton dresses with scooping low necklines, flip flops, lots of tattoos. Well, I thought a black dress was appropriate for a memorial service. What do I know.
I know I want my remains, if any, to be placed someplace with vegetation of some type. The view of the mountains is nice but the barren landscape kind of distracts from the view. Yikes.

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