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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stealing magic

I had one to three students in the room today and Dr. M instructed the girl I had met before on how to ask the questions and follow up and how to take notes. He told her that the notes are not for her, but for anyone who reads them later. I thought it was interesting because that is true in my job sometimes too. He meant it a bit more as a CYA, though.

When I woke up this morning, the left side of my face was hurting. My jaw hurt so I just thought I had clenched my teeth or something. Based on his questions, I told him that it was kind of an ache when I woke up and it decreased over the next couple hours. The last thing was my left ear, which was still hurting when I left the house but was okay when I got to work.

He did "cranial" adjustments on my face to address the facial pain. He did various adjustments of course. When he got to my neck, it was all out of whack, I think he said the C3 and C5. It felt like they were on different sides of my neck--so weird.

While the students were asking questions about the cranial adjustments, one asked a lot of questions about the back of his own misshaped head. Another student felt it and agreed. Dr. M eventually checked it out while he was moving to the other side of the table. He showed the second student where to put her "magic finger" to start adjusting the first student's cranial plates. Yeah, the skull is not one piece; it's made up of plates that "breathe." The second student got tired of holding her finger there and wanted to change and said he was "stealing" her "magic" which we all thought was kind of funny. Or odd.

I've been having a lot of trouble looking at myself. My left eye has been very disturbing--with white showing above AND below my beautiful brown eyeball. It's just freaky. When he was done with my adjustments, Dr. M said that he could see a significant difference in my eye. I looked and was skeptical. I could still see the white but he pointed out that it's only on the bottom, that the inflammation improved quite a bit.

And then I read this article about using a chiropractic approach to treat MS. Okay, I skimmed it. Maybe I'll take it to Dr. M so he can read it!

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