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Sunday, August 26, 2012

So many movies, so little time.

I am not a Twilight fan and I kept running across this comparison on Pinterest. After all the hype, we had to watch Hunger Games. (Who can be a Twilight fan if they watched Lost Boys and Queen of the Damned type vampire movies back in the day? Seriously.) While I thought Hunger Games was crazy unbelievable, I really liked it. My husband was too distracted by his opinion that that could never happen so he didn't like it as much. Maybe I was distracted by my love of seeing a chic kick ass so I liked it too much. Whatever--she kicks ass. You go girl. And can you kick Bella's ass while you're at it?

I watched 21 Jump Street on TV back in the day; my husband apparently did not. I almost fell over laughing when Holly Robinson showed up in the movie version of 21 Jump Street; he had no idea who she was. I let him know I was waiting for Johnny Depp to show up and he was still mystified. And when Johnny showed up, it was awesome. I liked it more than he did, so maybe it's a retro thing. (That means I'm old, y'all.)

A friend recommended Dale and Tucker vs evil. It was a spoof horror movie and it was pretty funny, although seriously predictable and gory and silly and unbelievable.

When we saw the trailer for God Bless America, we knew we had to see it. It was hilarious, in the vein of Office Space or Idiocracy. See it. Unless you're old; the old people said it's "different" which is old people speak for WTF. At 2:08, that's just awesometastic. Don't lie, you know you have thought about doing it!

We also saw Raid Redemption. It was so terrible, I'm not even giving any more information. 

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