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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Austin prequel - Family background

When my mom got pregnant with me, the guy didn't want me (because he had MS and didn't want to pass it on) and his friend married her instead. That is my dad, the father of my sister C. Soon after my mom had C, dad got the babysitter pregnant and A was born.

My mom married my first stepdad. Unfortunately, he was a terrible man and was responsible for C and I being taken away and forced to live with my mom's mom P. Fortunately, mom did not have any kids with him (there was a stillborn). Then she married my second stepdad and had 2 more kids. Later, she would have another kid with another guy, then marry her fourth husband, who she is no longer with. To recap, my mom has 5 kids from 4 guys and has been divorced four times.

When I was 14, C finally got the attention of CPS and was able to move to dad's house, where he lived with his third wife and her youngest daughter M, who is about a week younger than me. M had an older brother and sister. The following year, I was given the choice to stay with P or move to dad's. To "inform" my decision, P told me that dad is not my dad. He wanted me anyway, and she was evil, so I went. I didn't get to know M's family too well since our parents got divorced shortly thereafter.

Dad was married to his fourth wife J, who had a son M a few years younger than me. I moved out when I turned 18. To recap, dad has three daughters (one not DNA related) and four stepchildren and has been married four times. While dad lived in AZ for most of my life, he followed M's family (grandkids! follow the grandkids!) to TX several years ago.

A while after I moved out of my dad's house, I found out about A, the babysitter's kid. Her mother had killed herself so A grew up with her grandmother too. She came to stay with dad and I met her husband T. I wasn't impressed with either one of them.

A and T later had 3 girls. Dad visited and told us how deplorable the living conditions were for the girls. CPS was coming to get the girls and T took off, went to a hotel, and killed himself. (Now I understand he was abusive; it was not just neglect.) The girls ended up with their grandparents, either T's mom or dad and the spouse.

A went on to have 2 more kids in TX by 2 different guys she wasn't married to. One lives with a grandparent and one lives with the dad. Just to recap, A has 5 kids and has custody of none.

I have been in touch with her oldest three on Facebook for some time now, as my dad and his sister (my auntie) have been. Dad decided to pay for the girls to come visit him for his and A's birthdays. I decided to go for five days with my husband. I told my grandma (dad's mom) that C couldn't afford to go and dad arranged her air travel for a long weekend trip. M's daughter was in AZ visiting her family and would only get back right before we all left. So dad wasn't really able to get everyone together at once but it would be a family filled trip.

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