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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Go away.

I waited about half an hour for my appointment with Dr. M. The new student didn't introduce himself, but Dr. M was in to see me pretty quickly so I could bypass the overly detailed questions. As always, he worked on the front first, starting at the feet and working up. He did a lot of work on my left knee area, and my left arm (kind of the bicep area) and it HURT.

He worked on the back quite a bit, then the neck. It seemed to be getting better, then I could barely turn to the right, but he fixed it again. We talked throughout; mostly about marriage and relationships, joking around with the two male students. Dr. M, who is divorced, apparently found someone special (his next ex) about 8 months ago; they met through a friend.

Near the end of my appointment, I told him that it could be a coincidence since I sometimes go some time without having major pain issues, but I didn't have any while we were traveling. There were several differences, like I wasn't sitting at a computer all day, I wasn't driving...and he said, and you weren't dealing with work or the usual family issues--you weren't stressed out. Well, okay, that may be.

He suggested that I should go away; I should be taking an overnight or weekend trip every month with my husband (since I can obviously travel with him--he didn't stress me out during the Austin trip.) My mind immediately wanted to protest--the time, the money, the planning, the arrangements, the dogs.... And he pointed out it's not that much money, there's lots of places to go, family can help with the dogs (or a friend), that I should try to go Friday night and return Sunday, but overnight Saturdays would be okay. I agreed to consider the recommendation.

I also asked about my thinning hair which he said could be due to stress in addition to my thryoid. He suggested zinc but I'm not sure I can take it with my MS. He said magnesium and potassium would get me the same benefits--electrolytes. I may need to get more then--my hair is coming out fast. O_O

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  1. I can watch the dogs, and Andrea would as well, I'm sure!