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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it sinusey or sinusy?

I was invited to lunch at Revo. I used to go there a LOT. Half of their menu is gluten-free. But then I realized that they are not super careful about cross contamination, and they often put chips (gluten-free until they fry them) on TOP of my gluten-free food. *SIGH*

So I went and had the chicken fajita rice bow with brown rice and corn tortillas instead of chips. And they got it right. Sweet!

The co-workers who invited me had a groupon for the Gelato Spot, which is almost right next to Revo. I went with them but didn't understand why P was asking me if I could eat sorbet. (Yes, if it doesn't have dairy or bananas.) As they were ordering, they told me to pick a sorbet. I talked to the guy and they just have fruit, sugar, and water in the sorbet. Nice! I got pineapple after a little taster spoonful.

I took my pineapple sorbet home with me and had it after a pasta and sausage dinner. I ate it with some Enjoy Life gingerbread cookies. I probably should have eaten half tonight and half tomorrow. But I didn't.

We were watching Burn Notice when I noticed that my throat was "sore" a little. Kind of stuffy or something, I'm not even sure how to explain it, but that feeling when you might be getting sick. Except that I get this without getting sick. And all these thoughts start going around in my head. Is this an allergic reaction? Did that guy at Gelato Spot use the same scoop for my sorbet that he used for the gelato? Was there something wrong with the pork sausage (I usually use chicken, but I had this in the freezer from some Sprouts sale)? Is it from the dust I stirred up cleaning the dog room and washing the dog bedding? What. is. wrong. with. me?!

I've been keeping a food diary that includes columns for BM times and Symptoms. Once I started feeling better and wasn't filling the whole symptoms box with some version of low-, moderate-, or severe-level butt/low back pain, cramping, or bloating, I (re-)noticed something else. And I wrote phlemy one day. Then sinusy. Or is it sinusey? That *is* a word, right?! Cause I'm sinusy. Not all the time. But I have some notion that it's related to my other symptoms. I just haven't paid attention since it's the least problematic issue I have going on. But the throat thing--that made me think, I've had this before. I didn't care because I felt shitty. Really, that is *totally* the right word. Like sinusy.

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